Planning to buy a used car from a private seller? It may look good to the untrained eye, and a Roadworthy Certificate might make it seem perfect. However, this certificate, which can be obtained for $100, doesn’t guarantee your new used car is in top condition. You might end up paying more for repairs, learning the hard truth that your car isn’t roadworthy.

Arm yourself with the right information before purchasing a vehicle. Don’t learn the hard way!

Honest and Professional Pre-purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne, VIC

We at Greasemonkey Inspectors have been in the automotive industry since 1984. Our experience ranges from apprenticeships to roles as master technicians, workshop foremen, controllers, service advisors, and service managers in numerous premium vehicle businesses. We have built a level of loyalty that is vital in the 21st century. After all, customer service and care set us apart.

Understanding the Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate proves your vehicle has passed a roadworthy test completed by an authorized inspector. This test includes various criteria:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Body (for rust or damage)
  • Windscreen
  • Lights

For instance, an inspector checks the tread level on the tyres and ensures the brakes are correctly sized. If the vehicle doesn’t pass these requirements, it won’t receive a certificate.

The test ensures your vehicle meets the Department of Transport’s guidelines. However, it doesn’t test your vehicle’s overall health, such as the oil, motor, or gearbox. For a comprehensive report, book a full vehicle inspection with us.

What if the Vehicle Doesn’t Pass the Test?

If any item fails to meet the standard, the tester issues a rejection report. You then have seven days to repair the items and submit them for a second inspection. If the seven days elapse, the test must be conducted again.

Cost and Validity of a Roadworthy Inspection

The cost of the inspection varies based on the vehicle’s age, model, and condition. Charges apply even if the vehicle doesn’t pass the test. If it passes, you receive the certificate for the inspection cost.

The certificate is valid for 30 days from the issue date, provided you present it at VicRoads within this period for vehicle transfer or re-registration.

Note: This doesn’t guarantee the vehicle will remain roadworthy for the entire 30 days.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely on Roadworthy Certificates

Buyers often trust a Roadworthy Certificate in private sales, only to find issues post-purchase during a mechanic’s check. This approach is flawed. Just as you get a building and pest inspection before buying a house, you should get a pre-purchase car inspection first.

A vehicle might have a roadworthy certificate but still have significant issues like a blown head gasket or a failing gearbox. The certificate only ensures basic safety standards, not the overall condition of the motor, oil, or servicing history.

If you’re buying a used car, especially from a private sale, a pre-purchase car inspection is essential. It helps you negotiate the price and ensures peace of mind regarding any required repairs.

Pre-purchase Car Inspections in Melbourne, VIC

At Greasemonkey Inspectors, we offer thorough pre-purchase car inspections to ensure your dream car is in proper working condition and not a scam. Contact Greasemonkey Inspectors today for a professional pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne!

Check out our Inspection Packages for more details.

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