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Well, bad cars are everywhere in Melbourne. Previously wrecked cars, flood cars, unseen mechanical issues, odometer rollbacks, and salvage cars. Without being a victim, you can now get a 250+ checkpoints covered comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspection report before you purchase it. Buy used vehicles with confidence, eliminate all buying risks with Greasemonkey Inspectors. Schedule a mechanic at car seller’s location today.

✓ Experience & Certified Mobile Technicians
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✓ Trusted Pre Purchase Condition Reports
✓ Recommendation from Professionals
✓ Same Day Reservation
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✓ Convenience
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Inspection Overview

Our agent will examine the seller’s registration documents to ensure that they have the legal right to sell the vehicle, and that the VIN matches the code engraved into the vehicle body and that a valid conformity code is there.vehicle inspection melbourne - document check


We’ll take a precise paint thickness reading from all areas around the car to reveal any repainted or repaired parts. This is the most effective way to know if there has been any past accidents in the vehicle history. Any scratches, dents, loose or missing parts will be reported and photographed.cadillac vehicle inspection  
We’ll evaluate the seats, windows, dashboard, doors, interior roof, seals, gauges, audio systems, navigators, lights, seatbelts, locks, odors, steering wheel, floor mats, covers, and trunk thoroughly. Any worn out or damaged areas will be photographed and video footage of 20 seconds will be included in the report.Vehicle Inspection Checklists - Car Interior Check
In this section, our inspectors will thoroughly inspect everything under the hood. We’ll go over the engine comprehensively, looking for oil level and quality, fluid leaks, engine noise (start, idle, and throttle push), and any excessive exhaust smoke. We’ll also check the belts, hoses, lines, and fittings, as well as the oil pressure and radiator pressure. This can reveal any radiator damage or leaks. Our professionals will further check vehicle’s wiring system, alternator, and ignition system to ensure that everything under the hood is in working order.Engine Vehicle Inspection Melbourne

The vehicle’s underbody will be inspected for oil leaks, rust, chassis damage, and whole suspension system faults. In addition, the fuel supply system, exhaust system, and auto/manual transmission system will be inspected to identify faults and future repairs.Pre Purchase Inspector - Inspection Under Body

An ECU complete scan is required for all vehicles manufactured after the year 2000. With this, we can detect not just the engine problems, but also all of the electrical sensor failures, ABS braking issues, hybrid battery state, and other information on the majority of the vehicle history repairs that were conducted on that “vehicle”. When inspecting a car, a complete vehicle scan is essential.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Inspections Melbourne

Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is a quick and easy way to do a search that helps consumers protect themselves while purchasing cars. This search performs a basic check for financial interests, written-off records, stolen vehicles, odometer check, registration details, and vehicle identification number (VIN) validation. Prepurchase Car Inspection Melbourne - Vehicle History Check
Our agents will carefully examine each tire and wheel to ensure they are accurately portrayed (branding and size) and to determine the remaining tread (measured in millimeters). In addition to any scratches or visible damage on the wheels, the state of the spare wheel also be noted. Every flaw will be photographed. Car Inspection Melbourne - Tires and Wheel Inspection
Our agents will make sure you’ve got two fully functional keys. In addition, all of the vehicle’s functioning features will be extensively examined to verify that it runs smoothly. vehicle inspections report

During a test drive, our representative will confirm that the brakes, suspension, steering, engine, electric assist systems, and transmission are all in good working order. The engine noise will also be monitored during idle and rapid modes. Finally, we undergo a comprehensive examination to search for any unusual noises coming from the joints or transmission.

Car Inspection Report - Road Test

As a summary, our agents will note all the missing parts of the car and the damages that have occurred to the vehicle in this section. Images will be included to further clarify the situation. Used Car Pre Purchase Inspections - Missing Parts and Damage
The technician inspecting the vehicle will advise you on what needs to be done regarding the mechanical and electrical concerns with the vehicle. This provides the customer with a good understanding of the repairs that will be required after purchasing the vehicle. After disclosing all these details, buying decision is always the customer’s choice. Our certified inspectors will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the inspected vehicle. Car Inspections Report - Vehicle Inspectors
We provide you with the current market price of the vehicle we inspect as part of our premium package. This will be “recon” by deducting the current market price from the vehicle’s existing repairs. Vehicle Inspection Market Value  


How does it work

Locate a vehicle

Locate the vehicle you wish to buy, whether it's from a private seller or a dealership.

Schedule an inspection

To schedule an inspection, please make a booking through our website or contact us.

Obtain a detailed report

Our Greasemonkey Inspectors will perform the inspection and provide you a thorough report with photos, videos and all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Planning to sell your car?

Likewise, if you want to sell a car, you can use Greasemonkey Inspectors pre-purchase vehicle inspection service. In order to ensure better transparency to your buyer.



Basic Package 150 Checkpoints

Underhood inspection (Engine compartment)
Underbody inspection (Chassis, suspensions)
Visual mechanical inspection (No tests included)
Full ECU scan
Rust Condition
Road test
150 checkpoints report

Standard Package 250 Checkpoints

Exterior inspection (Detailed)
Interior inspection (Photos included)
Mechanical inspection
Full ECU scan
Underhood inspection
Underbody inspection (Detailed)
Tyres & wheel condition
Rust Condition
Road test
Damages & missing parts
250 checkpoints report

Premium Package 300 Checkpoints

Vehicle history (PPSR Search included)
Exterior inspection (Detailed)
Paint thickness test & dent Inspection to identify major accidents
Interior inspection (Video/ Photos included)
Mechanical inspection (Detailed)
Full ECU scan
Underhood inspection (Engine idle video)
Fluid condition tests
Underbody inspection (Detailed)
Safety & security
Tyres & wheel condition (Detailed)
Rust Condition
Road test
Damages & missing parts
Repair estimation
Market price valuation
300 checkpoints report & repair estimation


Client Testimonials

Danushka Sangeethwakwella
Danushka Sangeethwakwella
They were prompt, professional, and very thorough in their pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Their report was comprehensive and provided us with clear recommendations. Excellent service!
Praveen Dilhara
Praveen Dilhara
Did an amazing job with our pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Their attention to detail and thoroughness gave us peace of mind.
Kavidu Anjana
Kavidu Anjana
They were very thorough and provided valuable insights during the pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Their report was detailed and easy to understand. Highly recommend their services!
chaminda janaka
chaminda janaka
Their professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the process. Fantastic service!
Vishwa Aloka
Vishwa Aloka
The team at Greasemonkey Inspectors is top-notch. They were efficient, thorough, and extremely professional in their pre-purchase vehicle inspection. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in their work. Highly recommend their services!
Sudharshika Jayamal
Sudharshika Jayamal
Exceeded my expectations with their vehicle inspection. The inspector was knowledgeable and courteous, ensuring the car I was interested in was in perfect condition. I will definitely use their services again.
Elliot Spirrett
Elliot Spirrett
Good service, easily organised and full comprehensive reports! Really appreciated you saved me a few issues!
David Watson
David Watson
Fantastic service and very thorough report provided! Highly recommend for used car buyers!
Richard Does
Richard Does
Great service. The best compliment I can give is that I came back and used them a second time.
Shrenik Sancheti
Shrenik Sancheti


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing an automobile, whether new or used, entails a significant financial investment on your behalf. When buying a new vehicle, there are several sources of information and reviews to help you understand the car’s quality and performance. Alternatively, there aren’t many options for a used one. A used car’s history – whether it suffered major accident damages, any corrective paint jobs, bad repair work, any other significant replacement, or inherent problems – will not be seen through a visual examination due to many users and different purchasers. As a result, purchasing a used automobile may be stressful and feel like a gamble that necessitates extensive knowledge of various car types. Fortunately, pre-purchase vehicle inspection services like ours can assist you in making the best selection possible.

Anyone interested in purchasing a reconditioned or a used vehicle.

The Greasemonkey pre-purchase inspection covers over 200 checkpoints which includes a road test, interior, exterior condition, vehicle diagnosis scan, engine condition, suspensions, hybrid condition, under hood, and under body. All flaws in the above-mentioned categories will be noted so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. Please keep in mind that the areas we check may vary depending on the bundle you choose.

Any vehicle located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Currently, we inspect small cars, hatchback cars, SUV cars, 4-wheel drives, 7-seater cars, Plugin hybrids, Hybrid cars, Electric cars, Estate cars, Pickup vehicles, Performance cars, Vans & trucks.

Book through our website or simply call our helpline on 0481608866 to schedule a Greasemonkey Inspector at car sellers’ location.

You are not required to be there during the inspection, although you are free to do so if you so choose. The inspector will concentrate on the inspection in order to finish it in the time allotted. After the inspection, you will  receive an email with a complete report, photos, videos and a scan report.

All technicians at Greasemonkey Inspectors are qualified experts with over ten years of industry expertise, both locally and globally.

Yes, with the all the packages we do a full diagnostic scan, which is included in the report. Our diagnostic scan includes all components related to the electronic control unit (ECU), not only the engine. In premium package detailed scan report will be included in a PDF format.

There are several benefits to someone using our premium package service. In this we evaluate the vehicle with special tools to identify engine block combustion leaks using relevant test kits, the radiator pressure test to check for cooling system issues, the paint thickness test to check for major accident repairs, tyres thickness tool and the vehicle’s market price valuation. Specially, Greasemonkey Inspectors also provide the buyer with a repair estimate. This is a thorough estimate that includes the cost of spare parts as well as the mechanical charges. With this in hand, the buyer has the upper hand when negotiating with the seller. 

A day’s notice is usually sufficient, sometimes it could be the same day depending on the location of the vehicle and seller’s availability.

After you placed your online purchase, our certified inspector will contact your seller to confirm the vehicle’s availability and schedule an inspection. To conduct the inspection, the inspector will proceed straight to the vehicle. Inspection can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the state of the vehicle and the type of inspection you select (Basic, Standard, or Premium). You will receive the report the same day as the inspection is done.

A basic is a summary of a vehicle’s overall mechanical health. Standard inspection is thorough, whereas Premium inspection is more detailed and includes additional testing with different tools. More information is available on the service page.

If the vehicle sells before we arrive, we will hold your order while you search for another vehicle. When you find another vehicle, you’d like us to inspect. We’ll transfer the information and dispatch our inspector immediately.

Yes, you may have a verbal version of the car assessment report as well, and unlike other services, we don’t charge for it. In this situation, you can speak with one of our agents or a knowledgeable customer service professional over the phone to go over the report. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, we will also give you with extra critical information during the conversation.

No. We make every effort to hide any difficulties from the seller. Unless something big occurs during the inspection or the seller is hanging over the inspector, our inspectors are trained to make the seller believe that everything is going smoothly throughout the inspection. 

Greasemonkey Inspectors – Vehicle Inspection in Melbourne, Australia.