You’ve spotted a car online that seems perfect, but how can you be certain it’s a smart buy? Picking the right car is challenging enough without having to worry about falling into common traps. Without a thorough check of the cars and the ins and outs of the industry, it’s all too easy to end up with a lemon.

The onsite vehicle inspection is excellent and serves as a protective measure for you against unexpected problems. But it’s a good idea to prepare yourself by asking the right questions before you take this important step.

These questions make sure you take full advantage of a Grease monkey mechanic in Melbourne, reducing the amount of effort and knowledge needed to make the process of buying a used car more safe and assured.

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What Specific Areas Will the Inspection Cover?

From the engine’s condition to the integrity of the chassis. It’s crucial to clarify beforehand which parts of the vehicle will be scrutinised. Knowing whether the inspection will cover just the basics or include a detailed check of the electrical system, for example, can help set your expectations right from the start.

How Long Does the Inspection Take?

The duration of an inspection can vary based on the package you choose. Typically, an inspection can last from 30 minutes for a basic overview to over an hour for a more detailed examination. This information is vital for planning, especially if you’re coordinating with the seller for a suitable time.

What Credentials Do the Inspectors Hold?

The expertise of the Grease monkey mechanic performing your inspection cannot be overstated. We have the necessary qualifications and experience to conduct thorough onsite vehicle inspections. A reputable inspector will have a solid background in automotive mechanics, possibly with specific certifications to their name.

Can I Attend the Inspection?

Being present during the inspection can offer additional reassurance. It allows you to see firsthand the inspector’s process and ask any questions you might have as they arise. However, not all services may permit this, so it’s worth asking ahead of time.

What Type of Report Will I Receive?

The automobile inspection report is the outcome of an inspection document that provides a detailed overview of the vehicle’s condition. Clarify with the inspection service what the report will include and how it will be delivered. A good report should be comprehensive, easy to understand, and provide a clear indication of any issues found.

How Soon Will I Get the Report After the Inspection?

Being efficient might be necessary particularly if you want to decide right away. After the inspection is complete, find out when you can expect to receive the car inspection report. The majority of trustworthy car inspection services guarantee report delivery in less than 24 hours.

What Happens if the Inspection Finds Problems?

Discovering issues during vehicle inspections is common. It’s important to know how the service communicates these findings. Will they offer guidance on the severity of the issues? This information can help you decide whether to negotiate the price, ask for repairs, or look for another car.

How Much Will the Inspection Cost?

The cost of an onsite vehicle inspection varies, typically starting from around $190 for a basic check to upwards of $300 for a premium package. This investment provides you with a detailed automobile inspection report, highlighting any concerns is it worthwhile to buy this car our that could impact your purchase decision.

Is the Inspection Fee Negotiable or Fixed?

Understanding whether you can negotiate the inspection fee or if it’s a fixed price is worth asking. While our vehicle inspections Melbourne services have set prices, some flexibility might be available, especially if you’re considering additional requests on multiple inspections.

What Makes Our Service Different from Other Vehicle Inspections Melbourne Providers?

Finally, inquire about what sets their service apart. Is it the details of their automobile inspection report, the qualifications of grease monkey mechanic, or perhaps their customer service? Knowing this can help you choose the best service for your needs.

Greasemonkey Vehicle Inspection Packages

Before you decide on an inspection, it’s beneficial to understand our packages available. These range from basic checks to comprehensive evaluations, each designed to fit various needs and budgets:

  • Basic Package $190

This package doesn’t include tests but provides a visual mechanical inspection, a full ECU scan to check the car’s electronic systems, and an evaluation of the rust condition. A road test concludes the inspection, ensuring the vehicle’s operation feels right in real-world conditions. You’ll receive a detailed 150-point checkpoint report, giving you a clear overview of the car’s condition.

  • Standard Package $240

The Standard Package elevates the inspection process with 250 checkpoints, encompassing a detailed exterior inspection, an interior review with photos, and a comprehensive mechanical inspection.

Like the Basic Package, it includes a full ECU scan and underhood and underbody inspections, but with added attention to tyre and wheel condition, rust evaluation, and an assessment of any damages or missing parts. The road test in this package is supported by a more extensive 250-checkpoint report, offering a deeper insight into the vehicle’s state.

  • Premium Package $300

This package’s exhaustive approach offers a complete picture of the vehicle’s condition, potential future costs, and its value on the market. Starts with a vehicle history check (PPSR Search included) and extends to include detailed evaluations of the exterior and interior (with video and photos), a paint thickness test and dent inspection to identify major accidents, and a detailed non-technical inspection like market price valuation.


The questions we’ve outlined as guidance help you deal with the complicated range of purchasing decision factors and make an informed choice with peace of mind. We underscore how our tailored inspection packages—Basic, Standard, and Premium—are carefully designed to cater to your specific needs of inspection to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Let us be your trusted partner by booking our inspection and taking the first step towards purchasing with confidence. Let our expertise guide you to a wise decision, ensuring that the vehicle you choose is exactly as it appears, free from hidden surprises that could cost you down the line.

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